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Max - Male Cocker Spaniel, Age: 3 months

Max the brown and white Cocker Spaniel is already showing max-imum pet model potential even at his young age and this affectionate boy loves Teddy Bears.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Fun-loving Max loves people of all ages and other dogs and is happy modelling clothes and accessories as demonstrated on his pictures. He adores his agility training and can perform a number of commands from a distance. He is exceptionally photogenic and happy to work with props with no issues.


Lay down
Sit between legs
Happy to wear pet clothing and accessories
Agility obstacles
Will walk nicely on/off lead
Jump up/on/over an object

Social Media Pet Influencer

Max is charming all of his admirers online with his cute poses on Instagram. Max isn't letting the attention make him cocky though and the fame isn't going to his bandanna adorned head. With his gorgeous coat and doe-eyed expression, Max is proving to be a natural pet model.

Dog/Acting Modelling Experience

Max has experience of pet modelling with Luna's Loft who specialises in pet accessories such as the bandannas that Max loves to wear. He does a brilliant job in being an ambassador for this brand and would do a great job promoting other pet clothing brands for example.

In all, Max makes a handsome hound for a wide variety of roles as a model or actor.

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