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Maya - Female Siberian Husky cross German Shepherd, Age: 4 years and 5 months

Maya is a stunning dog being a Siberian Husky cross German Shepherd. She is playful and adventurous, as well as mischievous.

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

This impressive crossbreed loves to be active and enjoys running, fetching and chasing. She is very alert - always taking in her surroundings and curious about new things.

Her temperament is very calm and she has a remarkable off switch. She can be a bit wary of children and sometimes certain strangers, but she would be able to work with an actor / under somebody else's direction if she got introduced first. She is also a bit shy about people she doesn't know touching her, but she is fine around crowds and adjusts well to new environments. Maya is also great with other dogs.

Maya is trick trained by her owner and as her owner is a professional trainer, Maya can be taught a new trick/skill with notice. She has a repertoire of over 60 tricks as well as a KC Silver certificate. She can work from a distance and go to a target confidently. She also is training to compete in agility and in canine freestyle (heelwork to music).

She is clicker trained and highly food motivated.


Play dead
Roll over
Head down
Cross paws
Take a bow
Walk backwards
Backwards circles
Jump through arms or over legs
Jump into arms
Back stall
Be shy
...and many more

Maya is a highly talented dog suitable for most roles requiring expert pet talent.

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