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Mickey - Male Lurcher, Age: 2 years and 4 months

Mickey is a rescue Lurcher who was dumped as a puppy with a broken leg and it was fixed pro bono by a veterinary specialist. His owner has socialised and trained this wonderful dog and he is now making his way in pet acting.

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

Mickey LOVES other dogs! He is very friendly and always wants to play with them. He is also fine with other animals. Mickey spends a lot of time around stables with horses, he has also met sheep and goats. He is fine with cats although he will occasionally chase if they decide to run away (he is a lurcher after all).

Mickey is fine with people although can be wary of men as he was mistreated as a pup, however, he is fine if, given the time to get to know them, he soon relaxes and realises he’s made another friend who will give him a fuss! Again this lovely Lurcher is fine with children as long as when introduced to him they are quiet and gentle.

He is a very sweet natured dog who just wants to be told he is a good boy and have a fuss. He is a typical lurcher in the sense that he is VERY fast but he also has a fantastic recall and is very well trained. His favourite things in life are playtime and sleeping.

He is able to take commands from others as long as he knows a good fuss is coming his way as a reward! Mickey currently responds to voice commands only but hand signals are being introduced. You know Mickey likes you if he then leans on you… typical lurcher lean!


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Dog Acting / Modelling Experience

He has recently featured in VetTimes because of his story. He is suitable for roles according to his skill set.

This handsome boy is a suitable pet talent for a variety of roles according to his skill set.

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