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Mitzi - Female Mixed Breed, Age: 8 years

Introducing, Mitzi, the Rottweiler cross Bullmastiff pet actor and model. This stunning mix has resulted in quite a rare colour and so her red coat really makes her stand out from the crowd, perfect for pet modelling work. Mitzi was a rescue dog but has come a long way, settling into her new loving home perfectly. She is a beautifully natured dog with a powerful build that shows her great strength. This Mastiff mix weighs in at a huge 42kg.

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

Mitzi is a spirited, alert and highly intelligent dog and is able to work on command from a distance to both verbal and visual cues.

Due to her loving temperament, Mitzi can work with both children and adults. Her best doggy pals include a Border Collie, a Chow Chow, a Shi Tzu and a Yorkshire Terrier, so she is able to work with dogs of all sizes.

Mitzi is a very sweet dog who loves to please her human friends. She loves to play fetch and will become your friend very quickly with her gentle nature. She has been having great success at local dog shows with her stunning good looks and friendly personality. It would be hard to see why Mitzi wouldn't be a winner.


Lie down
Give both paws
Find her lead
Commando crawl
Kiss or lick
Drink on command
Give a hug from standing
Paws up on a table
Round an object
Emergency stop

Dog Acting / Modelling Experience

Mitzi has featured in K9 Magazine as well as featuring on the journalist, Rachel Spencer's dog blog as an advocate of large breed rescue dogs & most recently starred in the 888 Casino 'Dogs Playing Poker' campaign (see below).

This impressive girl makes a real impact and is the perfect canine addition to your next TV, film or media project.

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