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Miya - Female Border Collie, Age: 1 years and 3 months

Urban Paws UK introduces Miya a young female Border Collie that is full of fun. This lively collie is fast, cheeky and loves attention.

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

A typical Border Collie trait is intelligence, which Miya has in spades as she is a very quick learner.

This clever dog will happily work for other people, as long as they have treats of course! Miya is okay with small children but can be slightly wary around big men but is okay after a formal introduction and a few minutes to settle.

Her lovely temperament means she is good with other animals, although she tends to try to run after horses when they move away (what Border Collie wouldn't)! Miya lives in the same household as rabbits and sometimes she even licks them!

As an agile dog she will jump on props when asked and will then sit happily for pictures. A natural model Miya loves her picture being taken. She can work with some basic hand signals and can work from a distance.


Miya knows all basic obedience cues but also has plenty of tricks such as

Touch your hands
Walks between legs
Jump on anything

In all, this stunning red tri girl is suitable for both simple roles and more complex jobs that might require more advanced tricks.

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