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Nala - Female Border Collie, Age: 7 years and 7 months

Nala is a red tri-colour Border Collie female. Her pretty face & stunning colouring with her ballerina physique make her a born supermodel. She is a beautiful girl being highly intelligent, with a great eager to please attitude & drive to get things right. She is relaxed & confident in a variety of environments & enjoys being around people.

Dog Modelling/Acting Ability

She has a huge repertoire of behaviours & she is capable of learning long complex sequences with no issues. She learns new skills very quickly & generalises to new situations very well. There is very little Nala cannot perform, she has a very large repertoire of tricks all of which can be performed on visual cue, at a distance & for other people including strangers. Nala’s handler is a trainer so she can be taught specific commands or skills on request, with notice.

She adores being in the spotlight with all of the attention on her. She is good with people & will work for them taking cues from them with a very short 'bonding' period. Nala is fine to work around other dogs but can be anxious if an unknown dog is in her space, but she will work in close proximity to all other animals.

She is an advanced heelwork to music (dancing) dog & has performed in front of large audiences at Crufts & the European championships. Nala also competes in agility. She is incredibly fit with strong core muscles & has excellent body awareness.


Lie down
Jump up/on/over an object
Hold items
Hide face
Give both paws
Roll over
Reverse/back up
Send away to target
Go to mark
Stand/dance on hind legs

Pet Modelling / Acting Experience

Nala has filmed the N Power 'Superpowers' advert, Pets at Home & IAMS pet food packaging & most recently a TV advert for Mortgage Advice Bureau.

In all, Nala is an exceptionally well trained & obedient animal ideal for any brief requiring expert pet talent.

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