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Ocean - Female Rough Collie, Age: 1 years and 10 months

Ocean is an extremely friendly, gentle and happy Rough Collie. You may know the breed as Lassie and this girl does not disappoint with her stunning film star looks and coat.

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

Ocean is very gentle natured with a consistently happy personality. She is always happy to be the centre of attention. This pretty pet model is good with adults, children and other animals (she has even let kittens climb on top of her). Sometimes she can be a little shy at first but once she has said hello she is happy as can be.

Completely food obsessed, this collie won't say no to a treat or two! As well as loving food she also loves to make new dog friends! Known for being a sassy girl that loves the sound of her own voice, she is always happy to talk on request.

She is currently perfecting working to both hand and voice signals. Her taught cues can be performed at a distance.


Work with props
Walk on lead

Social Media Pet Influencer

Popular on social media platforms this Rough Collie has worked with some great brands such as Furbo, Snapfish as well as small dog companies selling accessories, leads and bandanas.

In all, Ocean would be suitable for a variety of pet modelling and acting roles according to her skill set. She is also suitable to work with actors and other dogs.

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