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Ollie - Male Labrador, Age: 4 years and 3 months

Ollie is an extremely handsome Chocolate Labrador. He is quite probably the happiest & friendliest dog you’ll ever meet with a well-balanced & even temperament. He is in perfect condition for a Labrador; he’s very slim & has a beautiful light chestnut chocolate colour.

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

This handsome pet has his KC Good Citizen bronze, silver & gold KC awards. He is always learning new skills & can be taught a new trick on command with notice. He has no issues with following commands from a stranger, working with props or even pet clothing or accessories. Ollie is incredibly used to the camera & filming & takes everything in his stride.

He’s always happy, and kind natured - his tail is always wagging! Once he has had a few minutes to adjust to his surroundings he is incredibly comfortable and laid back in all sorts of environments. He has a tendency to make himself at home! He is also a very comfortable traveller, frequently travelling in the car & on trains.

Ollie is wonderful with all types of people including children & babies, dogs, & small animals. He has grown up around young children & a pet chinchilla. However, Ollie has never met a cat up close.


Speak on command
Push any object with his nose
Takes sock off feet
Retrieve/fetch & hold (any object, including laundry or a lead)
Hide (he will shove his face into whatever object is in front of him, e.g. a boot or a bag)
Sit up from a down
Jump up onto an object, e.g. a chair, somebody’s lap etc
Take another dog for a walk
...to name but a few

He is a stunning pet with a great temperament & a suitable dog for a variety of roles requiring pet talent.

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