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Paris - Female Dalmatian, Age: 10 years and 9 months

Paris is a stunning black spotted dalmatian dog model. She is an experienced pet model and a pet influencer, so is no stranger to a studio environment. Paris is available for a number of projects including fashion editorial, social media campaigns, brand awareness and more.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Paris is a mature female Dalmatian, who has a unique trait called heterochromia, it's when one eye is a different colour & in her case a beautiful blue one. She has a laid back & placid temperament & will befriend you upon introduction. She is very obedient & aims to please and follows basic commands well. Paris can work from a short distance to hand voice/hand signals and can also work with strangers/actors with no issues. She also has no issues wearing pet clothing or accessories making her an ideal pet model.


Lie down
Give her paw
Go to mark
Jump up/on/over an item/object
Walk on lead
Hold items in her mouth.

Social Media Pet Influencer

Paris lives with three other dalmatians, Rome, Vienna and Florence, combined they are a pet influencer. They have a large fan-base on Instagram; an ideal platform for any brand wanting to market a product or service. They're Instagram offers a collection of colourful lifestyle imagery & their page attracts a wide mix of followers. Making it suitable for influencer marketing and social media campaigns.

Dog Acting/Modelling Experience

Paris has pet modelling experience having recently worked with Trouw Nutrition; a global pet food company. She excelled on set taking direction well and responding to commands obediently.

This stunning girl adores people of all ages including children. She is well socialized & loves all dogs, but turns up her pretty nose at cats. Paris has a beautiful temperament, being very loyal & very loving. As long as she gets a treat she’s happy, she will lick you to death if you let her.

She is an ideal pet for a variety of pet modeling roles.

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