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Pikush - Male Scottish Terrier, Age: 4 years and 7 months

Pikush is a black Scottish Terrier male. He is a family dog, with a friendly temperament who loves to meet everyone. Scottish Terriers are one of the British Isles' most distinctive indigenous dog breeds. Recognised by the Kennel Club of Great Britain for more than 100 years, they are dignified and principled pooches. They often bark less than other terriers or small breeds but can also be rather more stubborn! However, they are highly intelligent and pick up routines quickly.

Dog Acting / Modelling Ability

Pikush has very basic obedience & loves agility. He has had the fortune to be trained in agility by TV's Lucy Heath (of Trip Hazard fame on Britain's Got Talent 2016). This cute pup is especially good at agility & although not the fastest dog on the circuit he has won a few fun prizes for being tenacious, accurate, focused and completing the round - often doing the routines correctly when his owner has given the wrong instructions!

Pikush is well-adjusted but as he is unneutered this can cause issues with other younger dogs so best working alone or with female dogs.


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Pet Acting / Modelling Experience

Pikush has featured in a homemade YouTube video as the only Scottie to vote in the 2014 Scottish Referendum in 2014.

He recently worked with Madame Tussauds for a meet and greet where he was able to show off his confidence levels walking with Shrek!

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