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Poppy - Female Chihuahua, Age: 7 years and 6 months

Poppy is an adorable female Chihuahua. She isn’t typical of her breed being well-socialised & super friendly & instantly wins the heart of people she meets – even those who claim they don’t like Chihuahuas!

Pet Acting/modelling Ability

Poppy has grown up in front of a lens, from the moment she came home she has learned that a lens being pointed in her direction = a booty of treats! Her handler is a professional dog photographer, so Poppy is the go-to girl for any special projects. Being the face of her mum’s photography business means weekly modelling briefs for groups of professional photographs. She will work tirelessly for anyone who has treats & is well trained & obedient & will respond to both voice & hand signals. To date she has been photographed by modelling for the worlds top dog photographers, including Dog Breath Photography (US) from Nat Geo’s show ‘Pupperazzi’, Charlotte Reeves Photography (AUS) & Furtography (NZ). Poppy has passed her gold good citizen award & therefore has all basic commands.

She is very confident, affectionate & friendly & regularly interacts with new people (including children) & dogs on a daily basis. She adores little dogs & she’s friendly with bigger dogs too, but only if they respect her space and have a polite introduction.


Lie down
Go to mark
Stand on hind legs & also work with various props.
Poppy also has experience posing on moving objects such as a canal boat & had no issues with this.

Dog Acting/Modelling Experience

She has pet modelling experience having worked for many brands & companies which include; collar makers, sofa companies, vegetable suppliers & even pumpkin sellers as well as being the proud mascot of CatsDog Photography.

This stunning pooch makes an experienced pet model & also a suitable animal actor for small roles according to her skill set.

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