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Qwerty - Female Italian Greyhound, Age: 2 years and 9 months

Qwerty the female Italian Greyhound is an affectionate pet with blue - fawn colouring with stunning markings & unusual coloured eyes. This unique appearance is earning her a rapidly growing social media popularity with dog brands from all over the world. She is well socialised & unruffled by most situations & loves being the centre of attention.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Qwerty is treat & praise orientated & will confidently respond to many basic commands given to her, including "look at me" which is perfect for capturing her remarkable eyes staring into the camera. She has all the basic skills & is a bright dog who is eager to please & can learn new tricks quickly. She has excellent recall & will walk to heel off lead.

Being a sighthound Qwerty is a comfort & heat seeker. She will happily wear clothes (as this is a must in cold conditions) & loves to be held or snuggled inside someone's jacket. Qwerty adores all people & can pose with or take instruction from adults or children. She is well socialised with other dogs and can happily work alike side these also.


Lie down
Give her paw
Stand on hind legs (like a meercat)
Touch (with nose)
Jump up/on/over/off an object
Leave it
Go to mark
Fetch & hold an item to name but a few...

Dog Acting/Modelling Experience

Qwerty has pet modelling experience having worked for 6 months as a brand ambassador for Etsy Marketplace & 'Bambino and Plus Paws' - soft toys for dogs & is a natural - posing for the camera making her very easy to work with. She also filmed the Habitat TV commercial & most recently filmed the Brighthouse TV commercial (adverts below).

This is a stunning hound ideal for pet modelling or small roles according to her skill set.

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