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Ralph - Male Shar Pei, Age: 3 years and 7 months

Introducing the Fawn Red Shar-Pei, Ralph. This impressive dog is very friendly, sociable and obedient. Living with a professional dog trainer, this pup can turn his paw to just about anything, which is impressive for a Shar-Pei who are renowned for being stubborn. Not this chap, he is a star in the making!

The Shar-Pei characteristically have very small ears, loose wrinkly skin and very often have a blue tongue. They retain their wrinkly faces and loose skin in adulthood. Shar Pei is Chinese for ‘sand skin’ which characterises the original red fawn colour of the breed and describes the course ridge of hair which runs along the spine.

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

Ralph loves human attention, even from strangers (children and adults). He is good with other dogs and animals, especially horses. Sometimes he can be a little dominant over other males, which comes with the breed.

Ralph has been socialised since a young pup and is very good in busy places and urban areas. He doesn’t mind noise and is happy with traffic, gunshot and fireworks. Even travelling is not a problem for this handsome dog. All of these traits make Ralph suitable for most jobs in TV, film and media

The Kennel Club describes the Shar-Pei as 'aloof' and 'noble' and ' a breed of great distinction' and doesn't Ralph know it. He loves to imperiously pose for the camera and Is naturally photogenic.

As a physically fit, strong and powerful dog, he jogs daily, which keeps him in tip-top condition. Ralph is classed as a traditional style ‘bone mouth’ Shar-Pei and is, therefore, taller, leaner and more mobile than many modern Shar Pei's.


Growl (on cue)
Bark (on cue)
Work at a distance

Dog Acting / Modelling Experience

Ralph has some previous modelling experience as he has posed for photo shoots. He will keep a pose when put in position as he is so laid back which is great when working.

The Shar-Pei is an extremely unique and unusual breed of dog. They are extremely difficult to train and socialise, to get a Shar Pei to do anything at all is a major achievement as they are traditionally stubborn and single-minded, so do not underestimate just how good Ralph is……

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