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Rea - Female Cockapoo, Age: 3 years and 1 months

Rea the cockapoo is a pet influencer, she works on multiple platforms and has a large fanbase. Rea is suitable for a number of projects including social media campaigns, influencer marketing and more.

Rea and her owner have a strong bond, they both travel together, so are each other's best friend. They meet a variety of people on their travels who Rea successfully makes friends with every one of them. Though not officially, Rea is somewhat of a therapy dog, as she works well with helping people experiencing troubles and difficulties in life. She has been referred to as magical.

Dog Acting/Modelling Ability

Rea has a luxurious curly coat which gleams beautifully under the right lighting. Besides her being so pretty, she is well trained in obedience and will calmly sit and wait whilst the right image is captured.

Pet Influencer

Rea has a unique social media, as she travels around the country with her owner regularly. Both of them explore caves & caverns and take trips on coastal walks regularly. Following this, they spend their nights in a range of different places including motorhomes, boats and even treehouses. Rea and her owner visit a lot of dog-friendly places, then review them on her blog, this is an excellent aspect of Rea's social media as so much can be done with it in regards to social media campaigns and brand awareness.

Dog Acting/Modelling Experience

Rea has worked with a number of small businesses, promoting them on her pages. She also visits places to eat, stay, explore and more to then review it on her social media & blog.

Rea is an excellent means of advertising due to the multiple platforms, and that she has a large variety of followers who eagerly await her next update.

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