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Reggie - Male Poodle (Toy), Age: 3 years and 8 months

Reggie the Toy Poodle is an adorable apricot male. This little dog is a well trained and obedient boy that is easy to work with.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Experienced in stage work, he is calm natured on set until he hears his cue, then he is ready to work and show off his tricks. He learns what is required very quickly making him very easy to work with.

He is an energetic, fun-loving dog who is ball crazy. He also enjoys attending workshops such as agility, flyball, scent, trick training & heelwork to music. This little dog is a well trained and obedient boy that is easy to work with on any set.

Reggie has already achieved his bronze & silver & is currently working towards his gold award. To date, Reggie has a wide range of tricks & skills and he is always learning new skills. He can work from a distance to both voice/hand signals. He can also be taught new skills on request with notice. Being a Poodle he can be styled with many looks. His coat can be grown out or cut short & Reggie can be styled accordingly with notice.


Spin/turn on the ground
Standing up spin/turn
Pull open a doors
High 5/ give paw
Fetch & hold an item
Ring a bell
Jump up/on/over an object
Feet up on an item
Fetch a tissue
Go round an item/object to name but a few....

Dog Acting/Modelling Experience

This lovely Toy Poodle is a panto-acting dog having recently performed in 62 shows of Polka Dot Pantomimes production of Beauty & the Beast & has been asked back for another year.

He is great with all animals & people of all ages including children and a suitable pet for a variety of roles requiring pet talent.

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