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Reuben - Male Dalmatian, Age: 2 years and 11 months

Reuben is a black spotted pedigree Dalmatian, just under 3 years of age. He comes from a line of showing champions but is being raised in a non-showing, family home, which makes him exceptionally well behaved with children. Reuben has a particularly unique heart-shaped nose, which looks beautiful when photographed & lovely spotty ears that perk forward when interested in an item making him look very puppyish. He's a really beautiful boy with lovely defined black spots & he has perfected puppy dog eyes which usually gets him his own way!

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Reuben picks commands up incredibly quickly & knows basic obedience skills. Because he learns so quickly, if there was ever anything he needed to learn, he would be able to be taught the new skills with notice. He will respond to voice commands from a distance and can also work with strangers. Reuben is 100% a food motivated dog; nothing beats a foody treat for him, though he loves a lot of praise & a long scratch behind the ears as a reward as well. In all, he is energetic has a cheeky & loving personality, typical for a Dalmatian; a kind and gentle soul.


Lie down
Give his paw
Bark on command
Walks nicely on the lead
Happy to wear a harness or collar
Jump up/on/over an object

Dog Modelling/Acting Experience

Reuben is a very photogenic dog with studio experience, having worked with Co-Op pet insurance campaign. He is used to the camera flash & hustle and bustle of a studio environment, being confident in responding to commands with no issues. Reuben can remain focused even in a busy environment.

He has a wonderful affectionate nature & loves to play with children & other dogs; big and small. He has a great temperament, a cheerful personality to be around making him a suitable pet model for small roles according to his skill set.

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