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Rhodry - Male Scottish Deerhound, Age: 4 years and 1 months

Rhodry the male Scottish Deerhound. He has a lovely temperament and loves everybody and everything. Despite his large size, this 46 kilos is a gentle giant that likes nothing better than a cuddle on his human's lap.

Pet Modelling / Acting Ability

This gorgeous Scottish Deerhound shares his home with cats and dogs. He has also encountered lots of other animals including chickens, horses, sheep, cattle, llamas. He is well socialised with people of all ages including children. His only issue is he can sometimes be a little clumsy around very small children.

This large breed is well trained in basic obedience and is very eager to please. This combined with his love of food means he picks up new skills easily. Deerhounds are not known for their trainability for tricks so he is quite unusual in this regard. He has also been awarded his Kennel Club Good Citizen award.


Peekaboo (through legs)
Jump up on an object
Jump up and give you a hug
Take a bow
Lie down
Lie flat
Walk nicely on the lead
High 5

Social Media Pet Influencer

Rhodry is also one of our social media pet influencers, making his social media page the ideal platform for any company or brand.

Pet Modeling Experience

This stunning animal has pet modelling experience having previously worked on ITV's "Victoria".

Rhodry is a handsome chap, an ideal stunning large breed for small pet modelling roles or as a pet influencer.

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