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Romeo - Male Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross Mixed breed, Age: 7 years and 3 months

Romeo is an adult male Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross. He is an exceptionally handsome boy that is a very energetic & playful boy that loves everybody & everything.

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

He loves children & frequently plays with them & likes to perform for them & is very calm & gentle with them, same applies for elderly people, this is one of the reasons he became a therapy dog. Romeo possesses a sweet & gentle temperament is also one of the reasons he has been awarded the blue cross medal for his work as a therapy dog & canine blood donor.


Speak (barks on command)
Treats on paw
Back up
Stand on back legs
Stand on back legs & walk forward
Stand on back legs on someone's back, touch (with front paws)
Play dead

He is currently perfecting a bow at the moment & learning to ride a toddler’s bike. Romeo has his kennel club good citizen bronze.

Dog Acting / Modelling Experience

This dog was born to entertain & loves to be the centre of attention! Romeo has been to Crufts with his agility team & appeared on TV so has experience of noisy & hot environments. He has also had a professional photo shoot & loved it. He is very good at adapting to his surroundings & dealing with distractions.

He has featured on the Express online, The Times print & online, Daily Mail print& online, Dogs monthly & Your Dog magazine.

Romeo has a great personality that can work with other dogs or people, making him a suitable animal actor for most roles requiring expert skill.

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