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Skye - Male Patterdale, Age: 1 years and 7 months

Skye is a Patterdale terrier. This pretty black terrier has bags of personality and character, with her super smile; this pretty looking pooch is perfect for pet modelling.

Dog Modeling/Acting Ability

She is highly intelligent and has gained both her immediate & advanced trick titles, meaning she has a wide range of skills & can work from a distance. She can work with any dog as long as they don’t take too much interest & she can also respond to commands from strangers/actors with no issues. Skye can be taught new skills on request with notice.

Skye loves children but has to take a few minutes to be comfortable with adults & larger dogs. Being affectionate isn’t her strong point except with people she knows, but she will do tricks for anyone with a treat and small animals are best avoided as she is a terrier but she can work with cats in an indoor environment.


Lie down
Play dead
Spin left/right
Dance on hind legs
Jump up/over/onto an object/people or other dogs
Walk backward
Paws on an object
Jump up/on/over an object
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Pet modelling experience

She has modelled for Pets Love Scruffs lying & posing in dog beds. There were no issues on set as Skye took direction well & responded to commands with ease under pressure. The strange environment didn’t seem to faze her and she just kept herself to herself.

Overall this super little dog is very cute, has lots of character and is a very fast learner and eager to please. She is a suitable animal actor for a variety of roles requiring pet talent.

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