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Skylar - Female Weimaraner, Age: 6 years

Skylar is a beautiful Weimaraner. She is a calm, laid-back pet. She can appear shy at first & can seem aloof, but relaxes once she understands the situation she is in. Skylar responds to taking commands & is always focused on the task at hand.

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

She is very comfortable in pet clothing & accessories also making her an ideal pet model. Skylar can work from a distance from handler & will also follow commands from others once given clear instructions via hand or voice signals.

She can work in nature, quiet studios or busy high streets; she does not get distracted easily. Skylar loves the camera & is used to the professional camera flash & set lighting. She is extremely photogenic & has no issues working with other dogs or people of all ages including children.

Skylar has a great temperament; an all-around good-natured pet that can be focused yet relaxed on full day photo-shoot session. She does not have high energy levels, very chilled, docile & affectionate.


Lie down
Walk on lead
Hold items in her mouth

Dog Acting / Modelling Experience

Her previous work includes a shoot for Port Magazine's Ten Ten annual watch supplement for Chopard. She was also photographed for Phodography, Alma Haser, Rose Hill Designs & The Little London Photographer, and most recently Skylar worked for British retailer Not on the High Street and is featured on the front cover of their Christmas catalogue.

Skylar is a stunning pet, ideal for stills photography, editorial or small roles according to her skill set.

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