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Teasel - Female Beagle, Age: 13 years and 5 months

Teasel is a lemon Beagle is a female. For her age, she is very active, alert and highly intelligent.

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

This stunning Beagle is extremely friendly and good with children and she used to do social visits and teaching sessions in schools with her handler. She is also good with dogs and adults. Teasel is a very lively dog but also has an excellent stay.

She currently competes in freestyle heelwork to music and came 4th in the British final at Crufts this year, the highest placed non-collie. Teasel has also made the British freestyle final at Crufts five times. She is trained to KC gold level by her handler/owner and can be trained with new commands on request. Teasel is well trained and can perform short sequences, can all go to a target and work at a distance.


Over legs
Paw over face
Away to a target
Walk back
Turn at a distance
Walk back
Back around an object
Limp on three legs
...to name but a few

Dog Acting / Modelling Experience

This clever dog has pet modelling TV experience as well as photo shoot experience having done a shoot for a photographic company used for advertising. She was also on Over the Rainbow, search for Toto.

Teasel is a suitable dog for most roles requiring expert pet talent.

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