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Ted - Male Labrador, Age: 1 years and 8 months

Ted is a full-of-fun Fox Red Labrador. He has exceptional behaviour and is an incredibly quick learner. He’s great with other dogs and has a loving temperament. He can be the best adventurer but also loves a proper Labrador cuddle and snooze. His hobbies include hiking, running, swimming, kayaking, SUPing and posing for the camera! People instantly fall in love with him because of his unusual fox red colour; he likes to steal people’s hearts!

Pet Acting / Modeling Ability

Ted’s recall is superb and can respond to commands from a distance. He isn’t scared of loud noises and has never shown aggression towards any other dog or person (including children); he just loves to give them lots of kisses and have a good play!

Ted has mixed with a range of dogs and other animals. From a very young age, he spent time around livestock, children, vehicles- anything that would potentially scare him. If it is time to work, Ted will listen and respond with great intent. He can stay and pose for as long as you need!

Ted’s floppy ears, black nose and paws and loving temperament have absolutely stolen our hearts, and we hope that he steals yours too.


Lie down
High five
Give paw

...and his most impressive trick of BANG! (to which he falls to the
floor and rolls over onto his back!)

He is an incredibly quick learner, highly obedient and can respond to commands from a long distance.

Social Media Pet Influencer

Ted is a pet social media influencer with a mass IG following, making him very popular with his fan base & brands alike.

He is used to being in front of the camera as he regularly has photos taken for his Instagram account. Due to the popularity of this, he now has his own website which promotes dog-friendly places and products. The website also features charity work and his owner’s camper van adventures where they plan on travelling with Ted in and around the UK. Other social media platforms for ‘The Tales of Ted’ include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.

Pet Acting / Modelling Experience

To date, Ted has been an influencer of many well-known brands, including the ‘Walkies on the Wild Side’ campaign with Ben Fogle for Harringtons Pet Food and promoting dog-friendly places for The Outdoor Guide and RSPCA. He has also worked with brands such as Sykes Holiday Cottages, Regatta and Pawbakes to name but a few.

Ted has been ‘Barbour Dog of the Month’ and has modelled for a dog bow tie company in Tatler Magazine. He has just recently had a column in a local newspaper promoting dog-friendly places to visit. He has been the face of charitable and school promotions such as the Youth Sport Trust’s #take10 campaign and attended the opening of ‘The Daily Mile’ at our local school.

With all of this experience, Ted is an ideal pooch for any brand wanting to market their products.

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