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Tulip - Female Mixed Breed, Age: 1 years and 9 months

Tulip is a female mixed breed consisting of a Pyrenean Sheepdog cross Chinese Crested Powderpuff. She has a gorgeous long shaggy coat & a very distinctive underbite, which makes her look like she is always smiling! She is a very unique pup being the only Pyrenean x Chinese Crested in the UK, as she was born in Holland. Her stunning looks, intelligence & fun nature make her perfect dog for this industry.

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

Tulip is a natural performer having performed her first public display aged just 20 weeks to a crowd of hundreds of people at Discover Dogs & The National Pet Show. She is a fast learner & can be taught new tricks in a very short time, & she is a real people-pleaser.

She can work from a distance to both voice/hand signals & will also work with strangers with no issues.

She is happy to work with other dogs & adults, but due to a bad experience as a pup she is a little nervous of children.


Lie down
Head down (sad)
Play dead
Twist (both directions)
Go around
Hold an object
Walk backwards
Paws up
Bark on command
...to name but a few.

Dog Acting / Modelling Experience

This pretty girl has pet modelling experience in a studio environment, having shot the cover of Dogs Monthly magazine & most recently the promo advert for Smooth FM.

Tulip is a special pet with a unique appearance, an ideal dog for most roles requiring talent.

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