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Wilma - Female Basset Hound, Age: 5 years and 1 months

Wilma the adult Basset hound is trained to a very high standard. She is a stunning female with lots of on set experience.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Her handler is a professional dog trainer, therefore can teach Wilma specific behaviours upon request with notice. She can perform all basic commands as well as tricks can she work from a distance, on cue, as well as learning long complex sequences ideal for animal acting. She can also work with a stranger or actor taking commands as long as they get formally introduced first (this involves food!) Wilma is a good swimmer, however her handler needs to go in the water with her (she learnt to swim in a canine swimming pool and the sea so is used to her handler being there with her, obviously out shot of the camera.)


Down (with head down, ears ‘arranged’ & looking up – classic Basset!)
Circle a person or object
Leg weaves
Jump on a person’s back
Jump up/on/over an object
Jump over jumps
Walk backwards
Send away round things or to a mark
Go to mark
Paws up on a person or object
Give both paws
Heelwork to music
Fetch & hold items
Stays in various positions to name but a few..

Dog Acting/Modelling Experience

As well as her obedience Wilma competes in HTM Freestyle. She has done displays in front of very large crowds at numerous arena displays with HTM freestyle (dancing with dogs) both outdoors and indoors including at Crufts. She has commercial work & stills photography experience having filmed the Victoria Plum TV commercial in & most recently filmed the Ikea advert (see below).

Wilma is great with other dogs & animals. Cats are a little more unknown as she doesn’t live with them. She is very good with people of all ages too.

She is a suitable dog for any role requiring expert pet talent & is one of the most highly trained Basset Hounds (a notoriously difficult breed to train!) in the UK at the moment. (We also think she is one of the most beautiful!)

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