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Winston Wolfe

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Winston Wolfe - Male American Wolfdog, Age: 3 years and 11 months

Winston Wolfe is a ‘house wolfie’ – that in itself is pretty unique. He is an American Wolfdog & is a very unique large breed dog weighing 47 kg and standing 29 inches in height. He is a simply stunning & unique dog with pet modeling & acting experience!

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

Winston is well trained in obedience & can perform short stays. He will sit & stand on a mark/step - as long as there are frequent sausages on the go!

He is a high content wolfdog (multi-generational so he can live/work as a domestic dog with no legal restrictions). Winston is a little more independent than your average dog - his 'waits' need quite frequent rewarding as he likes to do a variety of poses - he won't sit repeatedly all day. So if you want a variety of poses, then this is the wolfdog for you.

He works really well on set working with models/actors as he is well socialised, despite his wolfy appearance.

Due to his breeding as a wolfdog he is not as ‘collie reliable’ on repeating all his tricks but he loves the daily challenge of learning new things & going to new places – he constantly seeks new entertainments.

What is really special and fantastic about this dog is that he combines his incredible wolf looks with being a gentle boy. He is very gentle with children & small dogs & great with women & well behaved larger female dog. He doesn’t like large male dogs or super bouncy dogs in his face as he’s been attacked in past.


Throw head back
Stand on mark
Lie flat
Open a door/cupboard/drawer/fridge
Agility trained

Dog Acting / Modelling Experience

He's done several modelling jobs & a music video shoot for Circa Waves, Wolverhampton Wanderers pr, Game of Thrones red carpet promo, Red Riding Hood photoshoot, ‘Midnight’ French artistic magazine photoshoot to name but a few.

This stunning wolfdog is a suitable pet for specific roles requiring pet talent and is sure to make your next project stand out from the crown with his wolf look.

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