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Woody - Male Cocker Spaniel, Age: 7 years and 7 months

Woody is a typical Cocker Spaniel with buckets of energy. He is a busy little dog that enjoys plenty of exercises and thrives on human company. He has a beautiful, gentle and has an affectionate temperament. He is eager to learn and has a variety of tricks under his sleeve.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

As Woody's owner is a photographer he has regular photoshoots. This chocolate Cocker Spaniel would be great for modelling pet beds and dog accessories. Having a longer coat and of course, big spaniel ears make Woody a good choice for pet grooming products also. He can happily work with props and will dive and splash into the water, making this handsome chap a real-life action dog.


Head on paws
Jump into arms
Fetch, give his paw
Fetch the post
Play dead
and many more...

Social media Pet Influencer

Social media is a great way for this stunning Spaniel to showcase his talent, making him one of our social media pet influencers and a beautiful selection of lifestyle photography, this makes his social platforms ideal for any company or brand wanting to market a pet product.

Dog Acting/Modelling Experience

Woody has worked with Arsenal football club on a stills photography shoot to launch the clubs seasonal pet Christmas jumpers. As well as pet modelling, Woody regularly modelling for various brands from on his social media pages, from pet food companies to pet products and clothing/accessories the list is endless for this in-demand pooch.

This incredibly handsome boy has a merry nature and is great with other animals and children making him an ideal dog for any role.

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