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Scout - Female Parrot, Age: 4 years and 2 months

Meet Scout, the Senegal Parrot; what a talented girl Scout is too! She's a stunner with her bright plumage of green, gold and grey. Scout has bundles of personality and has a very close bond with her handler. She adores working on tricks before settling down for a cuddle and head scratches.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Scout is quick to learn and can be taught many different tasks. Training parrots is great for their mental and physical health, so her handler is happy to work on new skills for specific jobs. Regularly meeting new friends, Scout is a sociable girl and his happy to venture into new environments & meet new people.


Fetch (including flighted)
Shake head
Take a bow
Turn around
Speak on cue (she makes a beep sound)
Target a stick
Hit a mark
Roll Over/play dead
Flighted recall/send away
Crawl (beak to surface)
Miniature Darts (a version of fetch)
Open a miniature bin
Push a mini trolley
Turn on a Lego light (pull a lever) and open a mini door
Piggy bank Fetch
Spin a fidgetspinner
Pretend to paint.
Matching colours in fetch
Solve a puzzle

We are positive that Scout would make an excellent addition to any project, she will keep your crew entertained, and will make your end result incredibly eye-catching.

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