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Theodora & Thierry

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Theodora & Thierry - Male Snake, Age: 3 years and 5 months

Theodora & Thierry are two stunning Mexican black kingsnakes. They are well handled and love exploring new environments. Both these snakes are curious creatures and enjoy meeting new people making them perfect for working on set.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

As you can see from their pictures, they are mesmerizing to look at and if the lighting hits them they gleam beautifully on their images. They could make just about any product stand out with their gothic like flare to it!


Can be handled by adults and children
Product placement
Travels well
Happy to work outdoors

Working with Kingsnakes

Snakes are a magnificent creature to work with, they are so beautiful and will make everyone stare in wonderment. Even at something as simple as them moving will catch your eye. They can improve the rating on any sort of project from a 4 to a 10+ just by including them draped on a model, or a prop.

At Urban Paws UK, we personally think this species of snake would work brilliantly with any sort of perfume brand, we can picture them placed with a perfume bottle. They would even be amazing for an advertisement with a beautiful model. It would make an amazingly bold statement.

They are calm snakes and happy to be handled and posed with models for shoots.

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