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Walter - Male Rabbit, Age: 5 years and 1 months

Walter is a beautiful grey Netherland Dwarf Rabbit who lives with other animals. He is a loving rabbit, who is spoiled rotten by his owner! He loves to cuddle and be fussed by people, and will do anything for a little treat! This stunning boy has a fun personality, and the professionalism needed on set. He is perfect in every way.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

This lovely boy is the perfect pet model, as he is so calm. Walter enjoys meeting new people and will happily sit with them for the perfect shot.Walter is well socialized with animals, so he can work efficiently with calm dogs and cats on set.


Will work with other animals
Product placement
Can work with children and adults
Happy to be handled

Modeling Experience

Walter has done previous work with the following companies;

Pets at Home - Modelling for their products
Vets4Pets - Advertisement

Walter would be perfect for any stills photography shoot you have in mind, or to work on a film set with other models and animals.

Rabbits In Media

Rabbits are well known for being an adorable and cuddly house-pet. With this, they are a brilliant addition to any sort of lifestyle project, as they are so popular amongst children and adults alike. They have been used in a campaign for The Body Shop, promoting their cruelty-free products. Also, they are one of the most regularly used animals for campaigns for vegan-friendly brands, they are perfect for brand affiliation.

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