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Our top pet stars – and tips on how your pet can become a star too

06 July 2021

Each of our pet models has their own special talents which have made them the stars of events, movies, adverts and even social media.

From famous TV pets to animals that have broken Guinness World Records, we want to celebrate each pet’s talents and special skills to make sure each animal fulfils their full potential.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of our top-performing pet models and most famous pets on Instagram so you can pick up some tips on how to turn your pet into a star.

#1. Kenny – Special skill: Obedience.

You may have recently spotted this super-talented Parson Russell Terrier modelling Aldi’s new range of dog bedding or B&M’s pet outfits. A handsome and happy little chap, Kenny was a rescue dog who found his forever home before becoming a star of the small screen with big brands such as Size, Reebok and H&M.

As well as his wise and handsome face, Kenny is highly intelligent and exceptionally well-trained. With a sit-stay of two minutes and a down-stay of four, he has a gold level Cresta Gold Companion Award and is constantly honing his skills in weekly obedience and agility classes.

Kenny is one of our fast-growing star sensations, having worked with exciting brands such as; Aldi, B&M, Reebok, H&M and Size.

#2. Iraida – Special skill: Striking looks.

Known as the Cara Delevigne of the pet talent world, this stunning Afghan Hound has supermodel looks and a relaxed, cool demeanour. Oyster brindle in colour and 27 inches tall from the withers, this show champion is used to mingling with models from luxury brands such as Gucci, Burberry, Chanel and Harvey Nichols.

A star in her own right, this professional has been modelling for film, TV and fashion campaigns since she was a puppy and recently appeared alongside girl band Little Mix and ex-footballer Andy Johnson. No stranger to the camera, her polished appearance takes lots of hard work, with a full style session taking up to four hours.

Iraida truly is the glamour puss (dog) of the agency, and has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, such as; River Island, Glamour Italia, New Look, ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent, VAC Vacuum and Asos – to name a few.

#3. Capone – Special skill: Working with others.

Friendly, fun and highly trained, Capone is a highly experienced pet actor who loves to make himself heard. Having appeared on the cover of fashion magazines, this handsome Beagle is also experienced working in studio shoots for TV and film.

When he’s not appearing alongside a Madame Tussauds waxwork of Tom Hardy, Capone likes to take long walks, hikes or take on new challenges. Affectionate and active, he has a special talent for working with other actors, whether they’re animals or humans.

Capone is a steady and reliable star, booking regular jobs with household brand names, such as; Daily Mail, Co-Op, Royale Canine, Shortlist Magazine and Vets Now.

#4. CJ – Special skill: Performing tricks.

A cute ginger tabby cat, CJ is well-trained, relaxed and a thorough professional who has appeared in TV series, adverts, film and still photography. Short-haired and trained to respond to a clicker, she has worked for brands such as Royal London, Fetch at Ocado and the PDSA.

Living with two other cats and seven dogs means she’s comfortable working with other humans and animals. Unlike many other cats, CJ is happy working outdoors and performing tricks which makes her reliable and versatile.

CJ is the likeable and trustworthy star, which has seen him book jobs ranging from global tech giants, O2, to specialist luxury pet food brand, Edgar Cooper.

#5. Princess Lola – Special skill: Great in front on the camera.

Sharing adventures and favourite products with fans is a daily habit for Lola (aka. @miss_princess_lola) who has a growing social media following all of her own. A stunning blue mitted Ragdoll cat, her friendly temperament and striking looks make her a popular choice for photography shoots.

Having worked for Purina and Feliway, Lola’s beautiful fur and bright blue eyes also led her to win an Instagram modelling competition for Royal Canin. Happy working outdoors, with strangers and in unfamiliar surroundings, Lola’s relaxed nature in front of the camera is truly her special skill.

Princess Lola, the Marilyn Monroe of our star-studded list is popular with the biggest pet brands, booking jobs with the likes of; Pure Pet Food, Petwant, Pet Smile, Tribal Produce and even Barefoot Wine wanted her camera-ready look.

#6. Xafi and Dauri – Special skill: Their strong partnership.

A perfect pair of cool Russian Blue cats, Xafi and Dauri (@xafiandauri) have charmed their Instagram followers with their stunning looks and fun-filled lives. Alongside their best pal Errol, they believe that cats should live as naturally as possible and have their own blog which talks about the joys of living with cats.

Having worked on campaigns for Purina and Feliway, this duo works well together, stopping the show with their silky blue fur, sparkling green eyes and amazing personalities. This makes them stars in both professional and social media photography.

Xafi and Dauri are reasonable newcomers to the agency, but we predict big things happening for this pair of fur beauties.

#7. Hendrix and Luna – Special skill: Intelligence.

With over 43,000 followers on Instagram, Hungarian Vizslas Hendrix and Luna (@the_prettypointers) are true social media stars. Appearing in multiple TikTok campaigns and at a PR event at Legoland, they work well on shoots and at special events both together and alone.

Both highly intelligent and obedient, they’re well trained and happy to work with other animals or people. Luna is calm when working with Birds of Prey and Hendrix is happy roaming with cows and dogs of all sizes.

This pair have star quality in spades, between them booking jobs with powerhouse brands, such as; Jaguar, Made.com, Land Rover, Lloyds Bank, Mr. Porter and Eukanuba.

#8. Marley – Special skill: Friendliness.

One of the biggest pet influencers on Instagram, Marley the Cockapoo (@cockapoomarley) has nearly 55,000 followers and loves sharing her adventures and friendly face with her fans.

Her happy temperament and curly locks have made her a choice model for lots of fun and famous retail brands, including, Lilly’s Kitchen, Primark, Disney and Aldi. Having grown up in the city centre, she’s happy in busy environments and is inquisitive and gentle with dogs, children and adults.

Marleys’ true star quality is her social media influencer prowess, seeing her as the face for such campaigns as; The Furry Chef, Daniel Wellington, Karcher, Boots & Bones and multiple TikTok campaigns.

How to make your pet famous!

Whether their faces appear on film, TV or social media, each of these pets has a unique skill set that makes them a star in their own right. If you’re looking to turn your pet into a celebrity, then it’s worth considering a few elements:

01: Has your pet been trained? As a standard, pets need to be able to sit, stay and work to different commands from a distance.

02: Is your pet comfortable in new environments? Whether it’s outdoors, in busy city centres or on set, making sure your pet is happy in all environments will help them to perform at their best wherever they are.

03: Can your pet work with animals and people? On shoots and at events your pet might have to interact with strangers, including children or other animals. Being able to work comfortably and effectively with all types of people will be key to any pet star’s success.

04: How does your pet feel in front of a camera? Whether it’s for TV, fashion or film, your animal will need to be comfortable working in front of a camera. Sitting still, moving on command or interacting with props or people are great assets in any pet model.

So, whether your dog’s the next big Instagram influencer or your cat looks stunning in front of the camera, if your pet has the above skills, an exciting personality and their own cool character, then get in touch with the Urban Paws team.

We can’t wait to meet you and your pet star.

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