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Meet Bijou!

German Spitz
Greater London, London

Bijou is a beautiful German Spitz dog model and animal actor. She is known for her adorable good looks and her ability to work with other animals such as cats. She loves to wear pet clothing and accessories and is a very photogenic bit of animal talent. Bijou has a very loyal character and likes all people including children. Most notably, Bijou won the part of Bruiser in the West End musical Legally Blonde.

This small but mighty fluffy pet is also a talented trick dog, meaning she is suitable for the more complex briefs requiring expert talent.

Training checklist:
- Agility trained
- Animal-friendly
- Back up
- Balance on object
- Beg
- Blow bubbles in a bowl
- Bow
- Can be placed in position
- Can style hair
- Can work outdoors
- Can work with water
- Cat-friendly
- Catch an item
- Clicker trained
- Clothing removal
- Come
- Cover eyes/Act shy
- Cross paws
- Dog-friendly
- Down
- Drink on command
- Drop item
- Ears up
- Eat/drink in new environment
- Emergency stop
- Facial expressions
- Fake limp
- Fetch item
- Figure eight
- Find item
- Follow
- Follow a target
- Food motivated
- Foot stall
- Give item
- Give paw
- Go around object/person
- Go to bed
- Go to mark
- Go under/through
- Good with small furries
- Growl on command
- Hairdryer-friendly
- Happy to be groomed
- Happy to be handled
- Harness/lead trained
- Head down
- Head on object
- Head to floor
- High five
- High ten
- Hold item
- Hold pose
- Hop
- Hump a persons leg
- Jump into an object
- Jump into arms
- Jump into/out of a car boot
- Jump on the spot
- Jump onto a person's back
- Jump through hoop
- Jump up/on/over an object
- Kiss
- Knock object over
- Leave item
- Lie down
- Lie flat
- Look alert
- Look at me
- Look at point
- Look up
- Open/close door
- Paws up on object
- Peek-a-boo
- People-friendly
- Place item
- Play ball
- Play cards
- Play dead
- Play piano
- Positional work
- Pull object
- Pull off socks
- Push an object
- Quiet
- Raise paw
- Recall
- Redirection
- Rest head
- Retrieve an item
- Ring a bell
- Rollover
- Run into arms
- Send away
- Shake head on command
- Shake on command
- Sit
- Sit on platform
- Smile/Bare teeth
- Sneeze on command
- Solve puzzles
- Speak/Bark
- Spin (left/right)
- Stand
- Stand on hind legs
- Stay
- Step up
- Stop
- Switch on/off light
- Theatre experience
- Tidy up
- Touch item
- Touch with nose
- Toy motivated
- Travels well
- Treats on paw
- Trick trained
- Vacuum-friendly
- Vet-friendly
- Walk on balance beam
- Watch
- Wave
- Wear a muzzle
- Wear glasses
- Wears pet clothing + accessories
- Work from a distance
- Work with target stick
- Works with props

She has taken part in a number of pet photography shoots in Germany and was even featured on a German TV report. Also performed with Mayhem Theatre Group” in London. Bijou was booked on a shoot for Deliveroo.

Most notably, Bijou won the part of Bruiser in the musical Legally Blonde. With theatre experience as well as being a film dog Bijou is not to be missed.

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