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Meet Bosco!

Mixed Breed
City of London, London

Say hello to Bosco, the mixed breed dog for hire. Bosco didn’t have the best start to life as he was found on the streets of Cyprus. He has found his loving forever home. He has been living his best life since being rescued as a pup.

Mixed breed dogs are our most desired options for advertising. As they don’t represent a particular breed and are unique in appearance. Bosco is no exception with his shaggy ginger and white coat and long flowing locks, he certainly does stand out from the crowd. He is very friendly with everyone and is well socialised. Bosco really is a joy to be around and is happy to be handled by strangers.

Bosco has good basic training and will confidently respond to voice and hand signals from a distance and picks up new skills quickly.

In all, this unique and super cute dog talent makes a great dog model for stills and moving images.

Training checklist:
- Can be placed in position
- Can style hair
- Can work outdoors
- Child-friendly
- Down
- Eat/drink in new environment
- Give paw
- Go to bed
- Happy to be handled
- Harness/lead trained
- Heel
- Jump up/on/over an object
- Lie down
- Look at me
- People-friendly
- Positional work
- Product placement
- Recall
- Rescue pet
- Sit
- Stand
- Stay
- Travels well
- Vacuum-friendly
- Vet-friendly
- Walk to heel
- Wears pet clothing + accessories
- Work from a distance
- Works with props

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