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Meet Cookie!

Bristol, South West

Cookie the male Pomeranian is a 2kg complete ball of fluff with the gentlest nature; always happy & playful, with a great temperament. He loves attention & always enjoys being in social situations, meeting new people, going to the park, pet-friendly restaurants, etc. This is very a photogenic dog with the most beautiful face which can melt hearts. He can strike a pose for the camera & will do almost anything for a treat making him an ideal doggy model for stills photography. He is comfortable wearing clothes & accessories without any fuss. To date, this super cute Pom has all basic obedience. He is a fast learner & always willing to learn new tricks & commands.

Training checklist:
- Can style hair
- Can work outdoors
- Child-friendly
- Give paw
- Happy to be groomed
- Happy to be handled
- High five
- Leave item
- Lie down
- Play dead
- Rollover
- Sit
- Sit pretty
- Stand
- Stand on hind legs
- Stay
- Toy motivated
- Wears pet clothing + accessories
- Work from a distance
- Works with props

Cookie has animal acting experience as he has recently worked on an online advert for Barclays Bank & he enjoyed every moment of it. He most recently worked with LADbible for an online advert for NowTVand the Dan & Phil advent Christmas Calendar. Cookie worked with Hotels.com has launched the first Euro Pup Fakeations so dogs and owners can pretend they’re holidaying in Europe while relaxing in the UK in the wake of Brexit.

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