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Meet Noah and Nala!

Mixed Breed
United Kingdom

Meet Noah and Nala, the dynamic duo of tabby cat influencers for hire. These Bengal cross tabbies have captured the hearts of their audience with their relatable content as family and lifestyle pets. As commercial style influencers, they are the perfect choice for promoting pet products, online giveaways, and product placements with cat food brands. With an eye for the latest viral trends, Noah and Nala offer a fresh perspective on catfluencing.

These tabby cat influencers for hire have a growing follower count and high engagement rate. They are an ideal choice for any brand looking to raise awareness through product placement or PR campaigns. Their minimalistic approach to Instagram content creation appeals predominantly to a female audience, making them a perfect fit for emotionally engaging campaigns.

Noah and Nala are true trendsetters in the world of cat influencers, showcasing the latest in feline fashion and accessories. Their unique blend of Bengal and tabby has created a stunning appearance that captures the attention of all who follow them. They are the ideal petfluencers for any brand seeking to create an impact with their audience.


Both Nola and Nala have a huge amount of collaboration experience having worked with brands such as; Lily’s kitchen, Pipkin and Bella, Encore pet food, Inaba_UK and Purrini Playmate to name but a few.

Feliway has recently engaged Noah and Nala to inform their audience about the latest anxiety products that are ideal for their beloved feline companions, as part of Pet Anxiety Month.

- Available as a brand ambassador
- Available for pet food affiliation
- Brand endorsement
- Content creation
- Family focused
- Feline critic
- Food blogger
- Lifestyle blogger
- Media campaigns
- Online marketing
- Organic reach
- Pet photography
- Pet placement
- Pet products
- Print marketing
- Product placement
- Product reviews
- Public relations campaigns
- Social media marketing
- Wears pet clothing and accessories
- Work with props
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