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Meet Otto!

Shih Tzu
City of London, London

Otto is an adorable Shih Tzu crossbreed. This beautiful boy was involved in a road traffic accident when he was younger which has led him to become a “triple amputee” meaning, his back legs had to be amputated along with his tail. But don’t let that get you down as this boy is spoiled by his owners! He is still your typical loving pooch, who wants to play and run as fast as he can. He does it in his specially designed wheelchair! This Shih Tzu crossbreed goes running on sand dunes and in the forest, racing his fellow doggy friends.

Otto is a well-mannered boy and meets a lot of people on his adventures. Of course, everyone wants to cuddle him when they meet him, which he loves! This boy is so affectionate, with people and animals alike.

Why not use Otto on your next project?

Training checklist:

Otto is proving popular and has already worked with multiple brands and publishers due to how unique and adorable he is! He has even spent some time on set with the lovely Gok Wan! He has always done as asked on set and always pleased the clients.  Otto has worked with Frontline, Cbeebies, Unilad, Daily Mail and Huffington Post.


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