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Meet Woody!

Golden Retriever
United Kingdom

As a Golden Retriever influencer for hire, Woody is a true social media sensation. His adorable smile and charming personality have captured the hearts of many pet lovers, and he has amassed a loyal following on Instagram. Woody is not just a pretty face! He also has a dedicated blog where he and his owners share their daily adventures and recommendations.

With Woody as your brand ambassador, you can be sure to capture the attention of his dedicated audience. As a micro influencer, he has a respectable reach and can engage with his followers to promote your products or services. Woody’s audience is global, with a strong presence in the US and UK. He appeals to a younger, predominantly female demographic.

Partnering with Woody is a great way to inject some fun and cuteness into your social media marketing campaign. His photogenic looks and relatable personality make him a natural fit for pet care brands, outdoor lifestyle companies, and even fashion labels. By hiring Woody as your golden retriever influencer for hire, you’ll have access to his growing online community, which is sure to help increase brand awareness and drive engagement.


This very good boy has also appeared in Dogs Monthly Magazine, helping his owners raise awareness of Elbow Dysplasia.

For a talented Golden Retriever that can support any campaign with a strong, integrated approach to social media marketing, take a look at this gorgeous content creator for hire today.

- Action
- Adventure
- Available as a brand ambassador
- Available for pet food affiliation
- Blogger
- Brand endorsement
- Canine critic
- Comedy posts
- Content creation
- Dog-friendly visit
- Entertainment blogger
- Family focused
- Food blogger
- Fun
- High quality photography
- Lifestyle blogger
- Media campaigns
- Meet and greet
- Online marketing
- Organic reach
- Outdoors
- Pet photography
- Pet placement
- Pet products
- Pet-friendly reviews
- Print marketing
- Product placement
- Product reviews
- Professional photography
- Public relations campaigns
- Social media marketing
- Unique brand aesthetic
- Wears pet clothing and accessories
- Work with props
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