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Protecting your pet at home, outdoors and on set

12 July 2021

Whether your pet is part of a talent agency or not, they’re a major part of your family. In return for all of the love, cuddles and fun they give you, you want to keep them safe and protected at all costs, whether it’s from injury, theft or other animals.

As well as being responsible for the safety of our super-talented models, we’re a team of pet-lovers who want to make sure any dog, cat or other animal is always healthy and happy. That’s why we’ve put together these top tips to keeping your pet protected when you’re at home, outdoors or working on set.

What are the risks to your pet while on set?

In order to protect your pet, it’s important that you understand the potential risks it faces, particularly while working as part of a talent agency.  These are the main risks pets face during events or shoots:

1: People

This is most often unintentional but people who aren’t aware of the pet’s character may put it at risk if they don’t give it the respect it deserves.

2: Unusual environments

Whether it’s cameras, pieces of set or lots of noise and movement, unusual environments can cause pets to become stressed and react in ways that are out of character.

3: Other animals

No matter how well trained they are, other animals can be a risk if they’re not treated with respect.

4: Overworking

Just like humans, pets need time to relax and refuel, so regular breaks to eat, drink and have some quiet time are essential to keep them happy and healthy.

How Urban Paws keeps pets safe on set

With reputable, experienced handlers and strict working policies, the welfare of our animals is always a top priority. By working closely with our pet owners and putting the safety of our animals first, we make sure our models are always happy and safe.

To make this happen, we use controls such as:


Making sure owners, handlers and any other parties have all the information they need (such as scripts, call sheets etc.) in advance of any event or shoot.


Informing local vets that the animal will be present or liaising to make sure there is a vet on set if required.


Choosing experienced handlers and giving them the authority to stop work and contact us any time they feel unhappy or uncomfortable.


We want each pet and owner’s experience with our agency to be a positive and fulfilling one. By using many years of expertise and our knowledge of individual pets we work hard to create a safe environment for our models.

How to care for pets at home

Safety controls and protocols are a legal requirement when working with animals, but protecting your pet from the risks they can face at home is just as important.

As much as you love and understand your pet and their needs, outside elements can still pose a threat to their safety. So here are some tips from our experts on how to keep your pets safe at home.

How to look after a cat at home

Theft is a major risk to the safety of cats with up to 360,000 estimated to be stolen every year. To protect your cat from being stolen, make sure that:

1: Fitting a collar

This needs to be well fitted or have a quick release so it will keep them safe and won’t get caught while they’re out exploring.

2: Keeping your cat in overnight:

Wherever possible, bring them in at night, especially if you’ve just moved house and your cat isn’t familiar with the surrounding environment.

3: Microchipping:

You could even consider fitting a GPS tracker to your cat’s collar if you want to keep a close eye on their whereabouts.

How to look after a dog at home

Dogs have grown in popularity as pets during the coronavirus pandemic. This has made them a target for thieves, with 465 dogs being reported stolen in 2020. To ensure your dog isn’t left at risk, take precautions such as:

1: Keeping an eye on your dog

Even if they’re in the back garden they can be at risk. Look out for any suspicious behaviour around your house too.

2: Collaring and microchipping

These can help authorities to locate and identify your dog should they go missing and even put thieves off taking them.

3: Neutering your dog

Breeding is one of the main reasons why dogs are stolen, so having them neutered and putting this on their collar tag will help to deter thieves.

Looking after other pets at home

You’ll know your pets needs and behaviours better than anyone else, but to make sure they’re not at risk of theft it’s worth keeping a few guidelines in mind:


Get your pet tagged or microchipped where possible.


Always keep an eye on your pet and make sure they’re in a suitable cage or pen when needed.


Neuter your pet where possible so they’re less desirable to thieves.


Take care when choosing someone to look after your pet, always make sure they’re reputable and are someone you can really trust.

How to keep your pets safe outdoors

Pets get lots of enjoyment from exploring and playing outside. However, it’s important to always keep your pet in your sight when they’re outdoors. Putting them on the lead or keeping them under close supervision will help to keep them safe from harm.

Getting pet insurance will also help to protect your pet when they’re out and about. This cover will also give you support and reassurance should the worst happen and your pet is stolen, injured or becomes ill.

What does pet insurance cover?

There are lots of different types of cover available depending on the cost of your pet, their age and any illnesses or injuries they have had in the past. Some levels of cover will only pay for vet fees, others will help with cattery or kennel bills and even pay out a reward if your pet goes missing.

It’s possible to get cover for specific types of pets, e.g. cat or dog insurance, or you can get multi-pet insurance which will cover your whole pack in the case of an accident, injury or theft. To find the right cover for your pet, it’s always worth comparing packages from different providers.

We take pet safety seriously

Whether your pet is new to our talent agency or has been with us for a long time, we’ll always make their safety the highest priority. By following strict safety protocols and working closely with expert handlers, production teams and owners, we’ll make sure your pet is always happy, healthy and having fun.

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