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Afghan Hound

Unsurprisingly, the Afghan Hound originates from the mountains of Afghanistan. It is characterised by its large size and glamorous coat, which have made it popular in the fashion industry. Afghans are striking, independent, and confident dogs that will hold their heads high and walk with a powerful stride. Like many breeds, Afghans were bred to be hunting dogs, and many still undertake Gundog training to this day.

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The Afghan Hound is widely known to be a highly intelligent dog breed which can occasionality make training a challenge, they respond well to gentle guidance and may take a little time to open up to new people. However, once they get acclimated to a new environment you may find that they become absolute superstars and will happily pose in front of cameras.

Being widely known as couch potatoes, the Afghan hound dog breed has social and attentional needs to match. They require far less attention than other dog breeds and will happily have fun on their own. One thing that can’t be left on their own however, is its fur coat which – due to its length – requires regular brushing and bathing to mitigate tangling and matting.

Before any of our Afghan Hound dogs are available for hire, they are thoroughly checked on medical and behavioural grounds to ensure they are fit to work within a variety of modelling and acting environments.


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