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American Bully

A popular family dog, the American Bully is incredibly upbeat and outgoing. With an affectionate personality and an adoration for people, the American Bully is now more frequently being used as a companion rather than a guardian. With its strong muscular body and athletic build, the American Bully is a physical specimen and can showcase astounding bursts of speed and agility. Being intelligent and versatile, the American Bully is a fantastic choice of dog breed for a range of modelling and acting roles.

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The American Bully is a product of decades of careful breeding with the intention of creating the perfect family companion. Even though they may appear intimidating at first, they are incredibly gentle and are guaranteed to win hearts just through their charming smiles. The American Bully is a great dog breed for making your brand stand out and can seamlessly be utilised within a whole host of marketing campaigns and acting/photography roles.

We understand that there is sometimes a negative stigma associated with the American Bully dog breed and even though modern iterations of the breed tend to be very calm and relaxed we still carry out behavioural and medical checks to ensure they are fully comfortable working within a range of environments.


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