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Belgian Shepherd

The Belgian Shepherd is an extremely intelligent, athletic, agile, graceful and elegant dog. The breed is exceedingly smart and versatile – when well-trained, can learn and do almost anything. Belgian Shepherds are versatile working dogs, capable of learning a great deal. These characteristics ensure that they are the perfect choice for a wide variety of modelling and acting jobs.

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The Belgian Shepherd is always keen to please allowing this particular dog breed to quickly pick up new skills and tricks. Their intelligence and loyal nature can cause issues for some since they require regular mental stimulation or tasks to perform in order to stay well-behaved.  Exercise alongside their owner as well as the freedom to play on their own in a large garden is key when it comes to the happiness of a Belgian Shepherd.

As the name implies, the Belgian Shepherd has long been utilised as a working dog breed and always develops a tight bond with its owners. While their protective nature means they are frequently weary of strangers, they quickly attached to new people and are more than happy to work alongside other animals as well as younger children.

All of the Belgian Shepherd animals available for hire through Urban Paws have a comprehensive medical history with all of the latest vaccinations and checks. They have also been assessed to ensure that they are properly trained and fit to function within a working environment regardless of the pertaining industry or role.


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