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Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers are small dogs with short coats and big eyes. They are happy, friendly pooches that enjoy the company of both humans and other animals. They originated in Boston and are sometimes known as the national dog of the United States. These dogs are most commonly seen with their iconic black and white colouring. They are easy to train and make great animal actors, particularly in films and television programmes looking for a clever family dog.

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While they are named after the city of Boston in the US, the earliest recorded instance of a Boston Terrier was in 19th century England. Crossbreeding between the Bulldog and the White English Terrier produced a strongly built dog that strongly resembled many of the Boston Terriers we see today. Through a change of owners, the dog ended up in Boston from where it was bred with multiple other dog breeds across many years to reduce its size and produce the adorable little gentleman we all know and love.

The personality of the Boston Terrier is one of the prime reasons it has established itself as both a pet and a working dog; their can-do attitude and love of people makes them comfortable in a wide range of environments and they are more than happy to work with children and animals alike.

Please note that all of the animals available for hire from Urban Paws have been comprehensively checked on behavioural and medical grounds to ensure that they are suitable within a working environment.

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