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Bulldogs are an iconic British breed of dog, that is popular in many theatre productions such as Legally Blonde on the West End. These medium-sized dogs make an ideal pet in the family home and have a gentle personality. These dogs are also very strong and have an adorable ‘waddle’ when they walk. They will surely steal your heart on the stage.

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The Bulldog is a laid-back and friendly dog breed, which can make working with them difficult as they can be very stubborn in nature. However, when rewarded with treats and positive reinforcement they are easy to work with. Bulldogs are worked with best in moderate temperatures and for short lengths of time. When working with a Bulldog, it needs to be kept in mind that they do not tolerate heat and humidity, and can easily suffer from breathing problems and heatstroke if they exercise for long lengths of time.

Bulldogs are very loving and friendly with people but can be hesitant around other animals and can get easily distracted. These loving dogs can be aggressive with other dogs and cats unless they have had previous positive interactions with them.

To make sure that our Bulldogs are fit for modelling and acting environments they are fully checked on medical and behavioural grounds to ensure that they are fit to work in more intense conditions.


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