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This small breed is the most famous of all the Welsh dogs. The Corgi is well-known as the royal dog breed, and they are frequently seen in the company of Queen Elizabeth II. It is well-regarded in the world of animal talent for its good looks and unique body shape. These dogs are tenacious, bold, and outgoing; traits that come across in every campaign they star in. Best of all, Corgis are naturally smart and easy to train as both dog models and animal actors. Recent years have even seen the Corgi become popular pet influencers.

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Known widely as a dog breed with an incredibly friendly temperament without being overly needy, the Corgi is an incredibly popular breed across the world. Even with their small size, the corgi boasts a kind, yet regal appearance which makes it an instant icon when on camera; combine this with the fact that they look absolutely adorable when they smile and the Corgi quickly becomes a prime choice for various types of marketing and acting briefs.

Brought to Wales by Belgian weavers after being talent scouted by Henry the 1st, the Corgi wasn’t originally a dog breed native to Wales but due to their versality and the mild environment within which they relocated to, they quickly adapted to become a classic Welsh breed.

Our Corgi dogs are fully checked to ensure that they are able to work within a variety of environments before being made available for hire.


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