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The poodle originated in Germany and was first bred as a hunter. Clients find its curly coat appealing, whereas groomers like to style the Poodles fur into patterns to make them stand out. Poodles are known as style icons and are associated with wealth and high fashion. The Poodle is popular among families due to its intelligence, and they make good actors due to their natural trainability.

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The poodle is an intelligent and friendly dog breed that is ideal for families. Poodles are known as style and fashion icons, which make them stand out in any situation. Poodles love being the centre of attention, which is perfect for modelling and television. They are usually responsive and alert, making them easy to work with and train.

Poodles are not known to shed often, however, their thick coats require a lot of maintenance to avoid matting. Their lack of shedding makes them easier to work with under more pressured environments.

All of our poodles are fully trained and regularly undergo medical checks to ensure they are in good health. They are also checked to make sure they are able to work in a busier environment and are not threatening towards other people or other animals.

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