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Swedish Valhund

The Swedish Valhund is a clever and attentive companion, true to their heritage as a working farm dog breed. They're active canines who require pet owners who are just as active. The Swedish Valhund is a lively, playful, and affectionate dog. Combining their unique appearance and passion for work the Swedish Valhund is the perfect dog breed for staring in various acting and modelling briefs, helping to differentiate your brand from the competition along the way.

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The Viking legacy lives on in Britain, most notably through their influence on the Scandinavian place names around our island. Another reminder can be found as well: The Valhund is thought to have originated from a cross between Swedish spitz dogs and Welsh corgis but we don’t know exactly when or where this happened – though it seems unlikely that such creatures would’ve been bred simply for function without bias toward certain behaviours like hunting boar!

The Swedish Valhund is a versatile and active breed that can adapt to most situations. The even-tempered dog has been known for its intelligence, and affectionate nature towards family members as well as other animals it meets along the way. The Swedish Valhund dogs are usually around 30 – 34 cm high and weigh around 14kg.

At Urban Paws, we are devoted to offering our clients some of the healthiest and most adorable animals available on the market. In order to achieve this we carry out a series of checks to ensure that all of our dog breeds available for hire are full trained and fit to work within various environments.


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