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Amongst the three official varieties of Poodle, the toy Poodle is the smallest. Just like the standard poodle, the toy poodle has a friendly temperament and is an instant classic when featuring on screen or via any advertising medium. Toy Poodles are also incredibly intelligent and can quickly pick up even the most complex of skills; combined with their love for play, the toy Poodle is the perfect dog breed for on-screen and branding appearances.

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The main thing to point out about the toy Poodle is its size, some members of this dog breed can be absolutely tiny with the general grouping being that they have to be under 10 inches to qualify as a member of the breed. Of course, the size of the toy Poodle makes it instantly adorable, something that is further accentuated by the attractive features of the Poodle. For a truly adorable dog breed bound to give your brand a unique appearance, choose a toy poodle today.

While the Toy Poodle tends to be a well-behaved dog breed, we do still carry out multiple checks to ensure that they are properly trained and able to work within various different working environments. As a part of this, we also ensure that all of the animals we have available for hire at Urban Paws are fully medically checked so they do not pose a threat to other people or animals on set.


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