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UPUK Influencers Promote Cat Allergen Reducing Food

27 August 2020

Purina Pro Plan’s LIVECLEAR is the world’s first and only cat allergen reducing pet food on the market. To promote the launch, Purina approached us and requested three of our finest cat influencers. We happily obliged and put forward @errol.the.cat, @xafiandauri, and @bleu_snowflake who are all macro pet influencers with over 100,000 followers.

Phase one – promote LIVECLEAR with illustrations

The first part of this influencer marketing campaign revolved around highlighting the issues that owners face when they’re allergic to their feline friends.

We commissioned an illustrator to create adorable and powerful imagery that showed common issues such as not being able to properly show your cat affection.

These images were then posted on the influencer’s Instagram pages with a caption about how Purina can help to solve these specific issues, which each post tagging the company. This content was effective as it used real-life issues that followers can relate to along with appealing artwork to catch their attention.

Using the same illustrator allowed for synergy across the different pages, while the captions let the influencer’s personal style shine through.

Phase two – presenting the product

After the illustration posts, we asked our petfluencers to try the product out and share their findings on their pages. Their posts also included a promotional code for followers to get 20% off their purchase.
The campaign also nicely tied in with World Allergy Week, making the posts seem all the more organic and relevant to the influencer’s many thousands of followers.
Each post tagged Purina’s Instagram page and gave a lengthy testimony of how effective LIVECLEAR was for them. It also featured an eye-catching photo of the pet posing with the product, all of which made it clear that the post was promotional and in partnership with Purina.
Finally, our influencers used Instagram stories to further promote the campaign and increase market reach.

Phase three – analysis

The hiring of three macro petfluencers proved successful for Purina. Errol reached over 66,000 users across all of his content, while Xafi and Auri reached over 38,000, and Bleu reached over 20,000.
Across all three of the influencers, that meant that over 120,000 followers were reached using the campaign. This translated to over 130,000 impressions overall.
The campaign was a success that resulted in effective engagement for the brand and even brought in a few new followers for the influencers.
So that’s how these amazing catfluencers promoted a cat allergen reducing food. To book these three or any other of our pet influencers for your campaign, check out our full range here.
To see more examples of our past campaigns, check out our press page.

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