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It is better to be safe,
than sorry.

It is highly recommended to have a qualified veterinarian or nurse officer present during the filming of animals for media production. Clearcast seeks written assurance from a qualified veterinarian that all animals are well treated and unharmed during production on set. Urban Paws UK is on hand to manage your welfare logistics with minimal fuss.

Welfare Logistics with Minimal Fuss

We’re not just a pet talent agency, we’re animal lovers. Which is why we make pet welfare a top priority on any shoot, event or project we’re part of. With our team of highly trained and experienced animal handlers, our fantastic relationship with advertising regulators Clearcast and our partnerships with qualified veterinarians and nurses, you can be reassured that all our animal stars are protected while working on set with us.

If you book any of our pet stars, they will be accompanied by a trained animal handler (or vet where appropriate) while on set, so you don’t need to worry about looking after or getting the best out of our animal model or actor. Our team will also complete any required risk assessments or welfare checks beforehand, so you can focus on getting the best results from your project. If you’re a Producer or Marketing Manager who wants to ensure your animal stars are working safely, you can also get in touch to get some advice and guidance from our experts. The welfare of animals comes before anything else in our eyes, so we’d be more than happy to help!


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