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Why are pet influencers so popular?

07 February 2022

Owners have always loved their own pets. Now though, they’re sharing the love with thousands (or even millions) of followers online by creating individual social media accounts for their pets. Indeed more than a quarter of British pet owners currently have a social media account dedicated to their pet, with 29% doing so in the hope that they’ll break into the petfluencer business.

As well as having huge followings across YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, more petfluencers than ever are attracting the attention of brands looking to tap into particular audiences online. So, what makes pet influencers so popular with both audiences and brands?

They make customers happy!

The increase in pet adoptions and purchases wasn’t just a result of more people working from home during the pandemic. More than 50% of UK households welcomed pets into their homes to try and combat feelings of isolation and loneliness. Indeed, although scientific research hasn’t explained exactly if and how pets enhance our wellbeing, the emotional value of this companionship is part of what makes pet influencers so popular.

By humanising the values and emotions of their pets and sharing their personalities via social media, petfluencer owners are tapping into this connection between pets and our wellbeing. There’s a reason why cat videos attract 26bn views on YouTube. Whether they’re cute, cuddly or enjoying an aspirational and adventurous lifestyle of their own, petfluencers have a unique ability to connect to our emotions and need, a power that brands are now looking to harness for themselves.

They make great content

The best petfluencers don’t just have great looks and a unique personality, they have created their own brand from their engaging and entertaining content. Masters of the most popular social media platforms, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok, they share their daily adventures, outfits and thoughts with their followers in funny, cool or quirky ways.

Plus, many pet influencers are careful about the types of brand affiliations and product promotions they enter into. Only partnering with businesses that match their values and morals, they give their followers genuine and trustworthy recommendations rather than spamming them with ads. This further enhances their authenticity and makes their followers want to engage with their content and the products or brands they’re promoting.

They connect with pet owners

Part of the reason behind the rising popularity of petfluencers has been the increase in millennial pet owners. Their majority ownership, desire for authenticity and digital-first preferences has, in part, driven the growth and popularity of pets on social media. For brands inside and outside the pet industry looking to connect with younger audiences, this makes pet influencers a highly effective marketing tactic.

Just like their own animals, petfluencers connect with millennials in a uniquely emotional and authentic way. This isn’t just beneficial for businesses looking to sell pet products, but to retail brands too.

They produce great results

With some of the most successful influencers earning millions of pounds per year, it’s clear that businesses are investing a lot into brand endorsements and product promotions with petfluencers for significant returns. However, as many pet influencers choose the businesses they work with based on their values, purpose and product quality, it’s key that you find the right influencer to get the best return on your investment.

That’s where agents like Urban Paws come in.

With a huge range of successful petfluencers on our books, we can match the right type of social media star with your brand to ensure you get the best ROI on your activity. Want to take advantage of this effective marketing tactic? Then get in touch with our team today by emailing us at influencers@urbanpawsuk.com

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