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Meet Simba!

Border Collie
Berkshire, South East

Introducing Simba the well trained trick trained Border Collie talent for hire. True to his breed Simba is intelligent, eager to please and shines on set. A reliable dog talent Simba is not to be missed.

A real professional, Simba has stills and film work experience. This film dog is a highly well-trained animal with a great skill set and with the confidence to match. Simba’s handler is an experience trick dog trainer and can teach Simba new skills or behaviours on request with notice.

Simba is very happy active, energetic dog as you would expect from Border Collie, but not hyperactive, he is very level-headed for his age. This trick-trained Border Collie has great stamina and is happy to repeat the same behaviours many times, ideal for set life. He will happily work with people of all ages including children.

In all, Simba is a suitable dog for hire for a variety of media briefs. Check out his showreel, where you can see his array of skills!


Training checklist:
- Animal-friendly
- Bow
- Can be placed in position
- Can work outdoors
- Can work with water
- Catch a treat
- Catch an item
- Catch frisbee
- Child-friendly
- Dance/Canine freestyle
- Dig on command
- Dog-friendly
- Down
- Fetch item
- Give paw
- Go around object/person
- Go to bed
- Go to mark
- Hairdryer-friendly
- Harness/lead trained
- Head down
- Head tilt
- Head to floor
- Heel
- High five
- Hold item
- Jump into an object
- Kiss
- Lie down
- Lie flat
- Motion Capture
- Paddleboard trained
- Paws up on object
- People-friendly
- Play ball
- Play dead
- Play piano
- Positional work
- Pray
- Product placement
- Recall
- Rest head
- Retrieve an item
- Ride a moving object
- Ring a bell
- Sit
- Skateboarding
- Speak/Bark
- Spin (left/right)
- Stand
- Stay
- Tilt head
- Touch item
- Touch with nose
- Toy motivated
- Travels well
- Trick trained
- Use human toilet
- Vacuum-friendly
- Walk to heel
- Wave
- Wear glasses
- Wears pet clothing + accessories
- Weave
- Whisper
- Will wear a GoPro
- Work from a distance
- Works with props

Simba has on set experience having shot pet blankets photoshoot for FunnyFuzzy UK.  He has experience working in various environments and has completed a whole day motion capture in a specialist studio as well as working in studio with flashing camera lights.

He is comfortable wearing a GroProp and has worked on a two day advert working with an actor whilst wearing a GoPro on his harness.

View Simba's portfolio


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